Kathryn Born is a writer, content creator and video game designer. She founded Chicago Art Magazine (2009- 2012)

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40 Over 40: Artist-Run Spaces


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EXPO Chicago Rises: Metaphorical Connections Between The Dark Knight Rises and Chicago's New Art Fair

There is always the lingering question of whether Gotham is even worth saving. This is eerily similar to the statement issued by Merchandise Mart (MMPI) when they cancelled Art Chicago, the previous major art fair.......

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"Googleheim": The Guggenheim, Google, and Standards for Transparency

Accusations have surfaced that the Guggenheim has become a "pay-for-play" institution, and it's not the first time. ......

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Hot Date in Chicago: The Video Data Bank

Located on Michigan Avenue in the Loop, at the Video Data Bank you can rent a tiny, private screening room at the country's top video art rental and screening facility.......

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How Chicago May Become the First 'Innovation Zone'

The Conference From July 10-11, McCormick Place is hosting the Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo, bringing together manufacturers, 3D printing enthusiasts, designers, makers and geeks of all stripes. The program is geared to ......

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Indie Products from Chicago - Fall 2013

It’s quite possible that Chicago is the DIY capital of America. The grassroots and almost anti-authority tradition runs so deep, it’s no wonder that when manufacturing evolves into an act you can accomplish outside of the estab......

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Innovation Factory: A Retail Space in Chicago's Advanced Manufacturing Movement

In our lifetime, we will look at an online shoe store, and when we hit the "print button," our 3D desktop printer will manufacture a pair of shoes right from our desktop.......

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Innovation Lab at Harold Washington Library -- How It Works

The Innovation library received a slew of press coverage when they announced the opening of the Innovation Lab -- a space that gives the public free access to 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC milling machines.......

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Josh Tsui, Robomodo, and the Power of Teams

Despite Robomodo's established position in Chicago's game design industry, Josh Tsui, one of the company's founders, remains an impassioned voice in the local indie game scene.......

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Kathryn Born

Kathryn Born is the Editor-in-Chief of Chicago Art Magazine, which includes a network of additional websites about arts and culture. She is a conceptual artist and writer, whose work has appeared on Chicago Public Radio, Time Out, RedEye and Chicago Tribune....